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Best Of Rio Rancho Awards

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I would like to thank my clients, family, friends, and fiancé for taking the time to vote for me this year. Without your support this amazing opportunity would not have been possible!

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What Is face Mapping?

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Face mapping is a form of Eastern Medicine, where Studying regions of the face can tell what organs Internally need treatment for external results.

In 6th Century B.C. face reading was practiced by Priests, Astrologers, and Counselors. It was believed that health and fortune of a person could be treated from face reading. Many interesting principles have evolved over the centuries into what we now call face mapping.  According to an article dated April 29th 2015, retrieved from, life long natural medicine practitioner Shrankhla Holecek explains what your skin says about your health.  She highlights the ancient techniques of face mapping and emphasizes you can expect external results with the correct treatment of the matching internal organs.

Principals of face reading can be complex because they not only correspond to face mapping but face shape. Face shapes are categorized by belonging to the five elements. Mauria Bright specializes in facial revitalizing treatments and Chinese face reading. She explains the elements in a protocol hand book I received while taking a continuing education class on facial cupping in 2016.

Furthermore, each of the five elements has a face shape which tells the face reader that certain energies, talents, or possible health problems may be found in a person’s make up. The elements are wood, fire, earth, metal and water. The wood face is characterized by a long face and nose, with a broad forehead and narrow cheeks. A wood face you might recognize would be Sigourney Weaver or Hillary Swank.  The fire face also has a long face with narrow prominent cheek bones, with a pointed chin and forehead. Examples of a fire face are Audrey Hepburn and Cameron Diaz.  The earth face is short and square with a distinct jawline. Mindy Kaling and Lena Dunham are examples of the earth face.  The metal face is oval with widely set cheek bones. Recognizable metal faces are Daniel Day Lewis and Robin Wright.  Lastly, Robert Downey Jr. and Bette Davis are owners of the water face which is round.

A face map can be read in many ways other then a diagnosis of current health, but past and future health as well.  Taylor Bryant a beauty news editor wrote an article focusing on the areas of the face and their corresponding organs. The article was retrieved from, and published on November 21st, 2016.  Breakouts in the T-Zone identify with imbalances in the kidneys, stomach, or spleen.  Treatment recommendations are adding more vegetables and fruit intake to your diet and cutting out alcohol and smoking.  Impurities on the cheeks correspond to Liver and Lungs, and the same treatment is recommended.  Jaw areas are associated with large intestine or colon imbalances or flareups. Start a healthy diet and tea detox.  Choose herbs geared towards flushing out those organs.  Chin and around the mouth relate to hormones. Ladies do you ever experience break outs in these areas around your cycle? Check with your Dr. to make sure you don’t have a hormone imbalance.

Additionally, the face is a map of the past future and present.  The past is what we inherit at birth, and the present reflects our health at the time of the reading. Inappropriate diet, persistent negative emotions, drugs, and stress all contribute to lines, congestion and uneven complexion of the face, as Coco Channel said “we get the faces we deserve”.

Celebrate Our 1 Year Anniversary With Us!

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Photo Selfie Contest

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  • Winner will receive a customized 60 Minute Seasonal Facial.
  • Starts Friday September 8th and ends on Friday September 15th.
  • Post Fall themed Selfies on our Facebook page under the Contests tab
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Best of the City 2017

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It's that time again!!!

Time show your #esthetican you appreciate the work she has done for your skin this year. Please go to

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